Buccaneers vs. Packers NFC Championship Game Highlights | NFL 2020 Playoffs

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Green Bay Packers during the NFC Championship Game of the 2020 NFL postseason.
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Poker Joker
Poker Joker 44 minuta më parë
One player that really helped the Bucs and kudos to him; Leonard Fournette!
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez 15 orë më parë
Brees ,rodgers and mahomes...defeats for Brady..increble
Robert Delich
Robert Delich 16 orë më parë
Brady had to go through 2 of the best quarterbacks and then again in the Super Bowl.
Tam Doan
Tam Doan 23 orë më parë
good game
Rajon Rondo Fan #9
Rajon Rondo Fan #9 Ditë më parë
As a pats fan I’m still happy regardless my pats did horrible but Brady still owning the league 🤣💀
Hank Pikuni
Hank Pikuni Ditë më parë
"Just throw the ball they aren't the 2020 Buccaneers"
LAKESHA BOY Ditë më parë
workdiggitz Ditë më parë
As usual the refs gave Brady all the calls.
Nathaniel Taylor
Nathaniel Taylor 2 ditë më parë
Aaron Rodgers is overrated other than 2010 his legacy is losing 2011 got blown out at home by eli manning 2012 lost to san fransisco 2013 lost to san fransisco 2014 blew a lead to seattle 2015 lost to Arizona 2016 got blown out by matt ryan 2019 got blow out by jimmy G and now 2020 lost to brady with a super bowl on the line at home
Yn_Goated 2 ditë më parë
Rigged they cheated
Rusty Henson
Rusty Henson 3 ditë më parë
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WindyCity Boy2808
WindyCity Boy2808 3 ditë më parë
I just realized that most of the time , NFC Teams play on fox and most of the time , AFC Teams play on CBS
Ozair Usmani
Ozair Usmani 3 ditë më parë
Imagine if the packers clutched the win.
kingafendi kingafendi
kingafendi kingafendi 4 ditë më parë
Chief players were paid to loose
LAMAR THOMAS 5 ditë më parë
Brady goes to the NFC and poops on Brees and Rodgers legacy.
Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson 5 ditë më parë
Brady vs Rogers, Mahomes, Breese... any questions?
Beerus DBS—131
Beerus DBS—131 5 ditë më parë
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Sean R
Sean R 5 ditë më parë
When Fornett did that spin move, I almost threw my beer.
conor lmao
conor lmao 6 ditë më parë
I watch this when I’m sad
brandon murphy
brandon murphy 6 ditë më parë
Rodgers who?
Dylan Carmel
Dylan Carmel 7 ditë më parë
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Mike Sampson
Mike Sampson 7 ditë më parë
Love seeing Roger's lose.
jwill13 7 ditë më parë
Packers suck we didnt have our starting safeties playing
Flash Dont Care
Flash Dont Care 7 ditë më parë
For everyone who’s confused or doesn’t understand. The packers had 3 chances to score and only scored 6. The Bucs played good defense. Best pressure I’ve ever seen. Kevin king shouldn’t have gave up 3 TDs. We almost came back. The Bucs offense wasn’t doing good in the 2nd half. The pass interference bailed Brady out at the end. But that’s not why we lost. I feel really bad that this was our greatest chance to go to the super bowl. We need to help out Jaire and get a CB before our defense gets traded and Rodgers retires. Comment if the lose still hurts every packers fan is here to comfort you
Flash Dont Care
Flash Dont Care 7 ditë më parë
Imagine getting three picks just to only get 6 points this lose still hurts for me
mitchell cox
mitchell cox 7 ditë më parë
Joe Buck you stink as a television broadcaster. You need to learn how to speak english.
Dman1812 7 ditë më parë
Three ninteeeeeeen, three nineteen hut
William Wright
William Wright 8 ditë më parë
Gary was held
Tyrone Davis
Tyrone Davis 8 ditë më parë
The nifty age accidentally sneeze because thunder synthetically analyse pace a acidic celsius. handy, cautious dash
marvin marvin
marvin marvin 8 ditë më parë
This was the actual super bowl
will d
will d 8 ditë më parë
people saying that Godwin is replaceable and to let him walk... Naw.
jwill13 7 ditë më parë
Right, they really dont know wtf they talking about
Austin Sherrill
Austin Sherrill 8 ditë më parë
I was there. Finally brought myself to watch this a month after... I still feel the same way about Tyler Johnson flopping. The refs were letting both secondaries play physical the entire game, and then the yellow comes out after that?! Not to mention, late?! C’mon son.
Amazing Ro
Amazing Ro 9 ditë më parë
Such is that football
bbc bbc
bbc bbc 9 ditë më parë
Best catch of the match 2:25
onestopshop 9 ditë më parë
Lolololol Packers 0-4 in 6 years in NFC championships I love it. BearDown.
G.O.A.TBeast Supreme
G.O.A.TBeast Supreme 6 ditë më parë
The one they did win was against your Bears though
David Motyka
David Motyka 10 ditë më parë
His passes are on the money.
jg 711
jg 711 10 ditë më parë
Rodgers played like he was scared. Clearly didn't wanted it more than Brady.
Adam Castagnetti
Adam Castagnetti 3 ditë më parë
someone had to say it
Tim Henderson
Tim Henderson 10 ditë më parë
Tom Brady beat both of State Farm Insurance spokes people, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.
HelloNoni 11 ditë më parë
I can't believe I just discover my love for American futboll and tom brady, I feel I been waisting my life 😅
Nick Breitbach
Nick Breitbach 12 ditë më parë
Packers blew this game and handed it to the Bucs on a silver platter. Rodgers INT with 30 secs left 1st half then giving up a 40 td TD with 9 secs left. Then the Jones fumble right away to start the 2nd half that led to a easy TB TD. Brady throws 3 horrible INTs on 3 straight possessions and Packers only score 7 pts off them. Yes Tampa Bay won but the Packers lost it more than Tampa won it.
heli0s2003 13 ditë më parë
Congrats to Brady, the greatest cheating quarterback of all time.
11W: The Plan
11W: The Plan 9 ditë më parë
nope it's just that the packers suck
DK 12 ditë më parë
Lmao your team is trash😂 Brady is the GOAT.
Pennzoilfan 22
Pennzoilfan 22 13 ditë më parë
What a game I think it’s the best playoff game
MR EE 13 ditë më parë
The last play was basically the power sweep play used by Green Bay in the 60s.
QUEENRIVERSP 14 ditë më parë
Let’s go bucs
MGTOW RULES 14 ditë më parë
Isagani Pumar
Isagani Pumar 14 ditë më parë
So stupid of the Packers. Could have gone on 4th, risk for a touchdown, and then the 2-point conversion to go into overtime. they would've had a much better chance. lmao
kofi boss
kofi boss 12 ditë më parë
He could have slid if so then which will make the place closer to go for it on the 4th down..
Isagani Pumar
Isagani Pumar 12 ditë më parë
@kofi boss also, true. He was scared to get hit. Probably reminded him of what happened to RG3 and didn't want that to happen to him..
kofi boss
kofi boss 12 ditë më parë
Nope, blame Rogers. On that play he could have gone n do the touchdown himself cuz he was clearly open but decided to pass it which was incomplete.
VinReaper83 14 ditë më parë
The packers worst fear is the nfc championship
Willie Lopes
Willie Lopes 15 ditë më parë
The amount of 3rd and longs the packers gave up was pathetic. The hail Mary at the end of the half was pathetic. Every year they let the team down. As a packers fan if Rodgers doesn’t get a Super Bowl this year or next they will be the biggest disappointment of any franchise. to have back to back 3 time mvp quarterbacks and only go to the super bowl 3 times and win 2. Not good enough with 2 top 5 all time quarterbacks. Also that dropped 2 point conversion on a perfect pass shows how pathetic the receivers have been for Rodgers the past 3 years.
MegaShady2000 15 ditë më parë
I never want to hear a Brady vs Rodgers argument again
Sheogorath 13 ditë më parë
@Esben Gulliksen If you look beyond the box score youd realize thats not true.
MegaShady2000 14 ditë më parë
@Esben Gulliksen yup his huge pick before the half and his multiple times getting 3 and outs when it mattered. Yeah he was way better than Brady. Lmao
Esben Gulliksen
Esben Gulliksen 14 ditë më parë
Rodgers outplayed brady this game
Mark Seymour
Mark Seymour 15 ditë më parë
2.6k dislikes - Packers fans really are dumb. What's the point of disliking the highlights? It's your team that stinks, not the TV coverage.
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Skill Champ
Skill Champ 15 ditë më parë
Paulo Vital
Paulo Vital 15 ditë më parë
2 mistakes in the same run: Rogers should have run to the end zone in the 3rd and gone for the touch down in the 4th. A field goal at that time?! Bad decision, IMHO.
Calvin 9 ditë më parë
@Joseph Blow I’m guessing he might have run if he had known, but then again he likely assumed LaFleur wasn’t dumb enough to kick a FG in that situation. Either way it falls on LaFleur as a young coach for not being on the same page as his MVP QB
Joseph Blow
Joseph Blow 9 ditë më parë
@Calvin - I could argue that Lefleur’s decision would have paid off if the DB doesn’t hold on to the receiver’s jersey on a throw that would have sailed over the receiver’s head. Rodgers had 3 chances to get the ball into the end zone. He didn’t get a yard in 3 attempts. Why are we pretending like 4th time was going to be the charm? I noticed you keep dodging the question of what Rodgers would have done differently if he’d known that Lefleur was going to kick a field goal? Care to address that?
Calvin 9 ditë më parë
@Joseph Blow a QB has a lot more control of changing the play than going for it vs. kicking. Every QB wants to go for it on 4th down, so it’s a coach’s job to decide when to actually do that, and LaFleur was too chickenshit. A time machine? A time machine??!! That’s just idiotic. You don’t have a time machine so you couldn’t tell Rodgers 3rd down was his last chance.
Joseph Blow
Joseph Blow 9 ditë më parë
@Calvin - Let’s say I invent a time machine, get into the huddle and tell Rodgers 3rd down was his last chance and Lefleur was going to kick the field goal, what would Rodgers do differently? Now, go watch the TD before the half in the Super Bowl. Chiefs take a timeout. The OC tries to change the play and Brady says no and sends Fournette back off the field. That’s what Rodgers was supposed to do. Rodgers didn’t want the blame if they didn’t make it on 4th down. So he went with Lefleur’s call.
Calvin 9 ditë më parë
@Joseph Blow how was he supposed to know LaFleur would be stupid enough to kick a field goal in that situation?
C N 17 ditë më parë
playoff lenny is a goddamn BEAST
MiD.Life. Crisis
MiD.Life. Crisis 17 ditë më parë
2:12 - there was me thinking he was (was it Vita Vea? The man with possibly the longest name in Football) going to make some insane play to stop GB getting to the end zone!
Monta Tracy
Monta Tracy 17 ditë më parë
Aaron Rodgers is the definition of a front runner. He doesn't have a signature comeback win in the playoffs. He tends to make mistakes in the biggest moments.
Twyler68 17 ditë më parë
The only thing better then seeing Rodgers get sacked is to see him lose one game shy of the super bowl...again.
Hunter 18 ditë më parë
3:48 what a play!!
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins 18 ditë më parë
Brady sent rodgers packing!
Russ Premier
Russ Premier 18 ditë më parë
That Run Fornette got for a TD when he spinned was a beauty ...
Samuel Vazquez
Samuel Vazquez 2 ditë më parë
Yes it was hope he comes back
Kos Juludo
Kos Juludo 15 ditë më parë
Lebronn Jamess
Lebronn Jamess 17 ditë më parë
bambam 18 ditë më parë
Tom Brady just casually knocks off the three-head monster from NFC, AFC and wins the Super bowl.
Texican Gamer
Texican Gamer 12 ditë më parë
@Shaquando Biggums Don’t forget about Brees too
Shaquando Biggums
Shaquando Biggums 13 ditë më parë
Brady beat 3 legends in the playoffs. Heinecke, Rodgers and Mahomes 🔥
Nidžolinho 16 ditë më parë
@Texican Gamer Saints i believe
Texican Gamer
Texican Gamer 16 ditë më parë
Saints or Washington?
Da Nilo
Da Nilo 18 ditë më parë
Green Bay and Kanzas is ok..Who is third...
BigBossIsBack 18 ditë më parë
Besides the first drive Evans was absolutely putrid in this game. Not having AB nearly cost them their season.
Tyrone Mogadishu
Tyrone Mogadishu 18 ditë më parë
pass interference in the fourth was a full on rigged game call. I saw the same type deal with the washington redskins versus the 49ers in the NFC TITLE GAME 30 years ago or so!!! Rigged rigged rigged!
Clifford Levy
Clifford Levy 19 ditë më parë
That touchdown before half, tho
Brandon Livingston
Brandon Livingston 19 ditë më parë
Who's here after davante Adam's salt infused tweet?
Trip Trapper
Trip Trapper 19 ditë më parë
The Game Looks Rigged to Me. Fake Productions.... Not Real... it was set up for Tom Brady to win another ring.. Foot Ball is Fake 100%
# freedom
# freedom 18 ditë më parë
No way hater
jacob rippy
jacob rippy 19 ditë më parë
the thing ive noticed is that every team has up and down moments. this is speakings season by seaon. not game by game. and I believe the pakcers may be on the decline. once rodgers is gone what do they have? they still have a chance to replace him, which is why I think they picked a QB last year in the draft. but if he doesnt work out. the packers may have trouble approcahing.
CSLFiero 19 ditë më parë
10:35 this is the moment aaron rodgers lost the nfc championship. he threw to a crowd instead of showing guts and running a wide open lane
CSLFiero 19 ditë më parë
and it was a throw accross his own body, what a moronic thing to do.
todd bedusek
todd bedusek 19 ditë më parë
Packers had a chance Couldn't capitlize on bradys interceptions plus lame calls by the refs
AL Ian
AL Ian 19 ditë më parë
10:34 *Rodgers had a wide open path to the end zone. Wow.*
AL Ian
AL Ian 19 ditë më parë
@CSLFiero He could have frozen the Bucs in place in the end zone with a fake pass as he ran to the corner of the end zone. Damn.
CSLFiero 19 ditë më parë
he lost the game right there. it is 100% his fault. some will blame his line, but his line was garbo all game. it rattled him and he went full p*ssy mode.
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta 20 ditë më parë
We could have won. Damn!!
Fabio Bonetta
Fabio Bonetta 19 ditë më parë
That damn boneheaded play at the end of the second
been a goon productions
been a goon productions 19 ditë më parë
Foreal 😡 King is trash
bbc bbc
bbc bbc 20 ditë më parë
This game is more excited than the SB....
DaBearzsuck17 20 ditë më parë
League is rigged
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 9 ditë më parë
It is not. If it was, then it has been for decades, going back to Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Bart Starr, and even John Elway.
Thursday The 12th
Thursday The 12th 20 ditë më parë
This was hard to watch
Robert Delich
Robert Delich 20 ditë më parë
The Buc's almost lost this one.
Jayden Martin
Jayden Martin 20 ditë më parë
Tom Brady cheated if you look at the game clock at 2:04 seconds in the 4th counter
the star of all stars champion of herb and peace
the star of all stars champion of herb and peace 20 ditë më parë
Who's here after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Superbowl
Lebronn Jamess
Lebronn Jamess 17 ditë më parë
Gitt Cazz
Gitt Cazz 21 ditë më parë
Dodgerpro NK
Dodgerpro NK 21 ditë më parë
Thanks you bucaneers for my bet $$$
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson 21 ditë më parë
Nuthin but RIGGED...
Eeds Ssxv
Eeds Ssxv 9 ditë më parë
Ugh. How many times do I have to tell the viewers that rigging does NOT play a role AT ALL?!
Slept Lmt13
Slept Lmt13 21 ditë më parë
Rodgers should of ran it in or atleast tried to get it closer coach should of went for it on 4th down c mon man your going against the GOAT
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30
ICaNtThINkofACooName 30 21 ditë më parë
What a terrible call. How can you make that call when they let them play all game. That ball was over his head anyway. Seriously Brady is great no doubt but he did everything he could to give Green Bay that game. If he doesn’t get bailed out by that call and the Packers win I think he retires. That was about as bad of a second half you could possibly play and by far his worst half of his career. Yet he balled out in the Super Bowl and got another ring while Rodgers the better player goes home to his one. This was the Packers year and like so damn many before this they chocked once again but hey at least we get to this point pretty often and we are not the Lions.
jrad410 16 ditë më parë
He was holding his jersey lol
Michael O
Michael O 20 ditë më parë
its clearly holding. if you look at the bucks defensive players, they rarely touch the receivers before the throw.
HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_
HalferLand Performance _The J-Series Freak's_ 22 ditë më parë
Both of the Bucs Superbowl they blew out each team....Raider and now the NFL's "Best Offense" in the Chiefs....GO BUCS BABY!! SUFFERED THROUGH SO Many losing seasons
Lebronn Jamess
Lebronn Jamess 17 ditë më parë
Micky Gomez
Micky Gomez 22 ditë më parë
Packers was playing pretty good no lie 🤧
D VDV 22 ditë më parë
10:36 : Why didn't he just run into the endzone instead of passing??
CSLFiero 19 ditë më parë
and he threw accross his body like a total amatuer
ruben williams
ruben williams 20 ditë më parë
Goat pressure. Goat presence was there, plus there is no guarantee he would've made the touchdown.
Player Jeezy
Player Jeezy 22 ditë më parë
We get them next year & that's a PROMISE!!!💯💚🙏
Alexander Frank
Alexander Frank 22 ditë më parë
That would have been the better Superbowl.
John Doe
John Doe 22 ditë më parë
Rodgers throw that game he didn't even try to score in the 4 quarter
K Henry
K Henry 23 ditë më parë
I always say quarterbacks should work on their speed and running game because Aaron Rodgers could have scored or gotten a first down at 10:38!! Also, why wouldn't Green Bay go for the touchdown on 4th and goal, they beat themselves smh!!
Aragorn 23 ditë më parë
Haha the packers really let themselves down in those last 4 minutes. Brady played bad, it was packers game to take and they denied. Shame, Rodgers could've been a 2 SB champ, reigniting the 🐐 debate.
TheTubbs99 19 ditë më parë
@John Singletary 0 chance the Chiefs beat the Packers in the Super Bowl. The Chiefs defense has 0 chance of stopping the Packers offense. Both starting tackles for the Chiefs were out, meaning the Packers rush was gonna get home
John Singletary
John Singletary 20 ditë më parë
Brady only played bad in the second half. He played great in the first half. It's a tale of two halves. If the Packers went to the Super Bowl instead, I'm confident that the Chiefs would have beaten them anyways.
Fiorela Alejandra
Fiorela Alejandra 23 ditë më parë
green bay packers picked jordan love hahaha a couple of months ago. that's ridiculous what if ?
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